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Accu-Check Complete meter, was: Re: [IP] Basal rate check, meter s/w, etc.

Dan O:

I think I was the one who commented about "turning on" some of the
Accu-Check Complete's features via software. Some more detail is probably
in order. Here's what I've noticed since I started using this meter Monday.

1)  The meter was developed in cooperation / in concert with MiniMed. It is
therefore, designed to be used by folks "actively managing" their Diabetes
(in other words, pumpers). It allows you to track most of the significant
information required to effectively manage your pump therapy - BG results,
Basal Rate Profile, bolus info, carbs, exercise info (duration of activity
for example) and other factors such as stress, medication, menses.

2)  While the meter *does* allow you to associate event "markers" with
particular diary entries similar to the way the Lifescan Profile did, you
can add a lot more event details to each of the BG readings you are
tracking. As I recall, each diary entry (BG test result) allows you to
record up to 4 events to provide some detail about the test result.
Examples include: amount of insulin taken (bolus); amount of carbs
consumed; when the particular event happened, such as before a meal, during
stressful activity, exercise (and duration) and "user defined". Using this
meter, you would be able to indicate that a particular test result was
Before a meal, Stress, Feel Hypo, Oral Medication. Meal specific
information can also be entered - carbs, bolus, etc. I looked for an entry
to indicate Burger King or Taco Bell, but did not find one ;-) The
combination of possibilities is interesting.

Now, here's the part where I wish I had my instruction manual with me: 

The manual indicates that there are events already "programmed into the
meter" for things such as: "Tubing Change" and "Menses". (I am far more
interested in Tubing Change info than Menses info, by the way ;-)) In my
case, being able to mark a BG result with a User Defined Event called
Cartridge Change is very important. This can provide some very important
trend information which may correlate BG readings with certain mechanical
events, such as infusion site changes, etc. Unfortunately though, it
appears that some of these additional event markers can only be "activated"
by configuring them through the software interface. Maybe they think our
doctors are the only ones interested in this info or capable of acting
appropriately to make corrective adjustments. Hmmmmmmm ....

The meter does have the ability to display a simple graph on the meter
display itself, indicating where your BG results fall within user defined
upper and lower limits for acceptable blood sugars for a given time period.
This is handy, because it displays graphically how things have been going.
It is very easy to see your "spikes" and lows.

Averaging capabilities are built in, like the Lifescan. It is a bit easier
to move back and forth in the meter's memory to view specific tests and
modify the events associated with them. This is useful if you don't have
time to enter the detail, but want this info later on. You can fill in the
details when you have the time, though it is very easy to do right at the
time you test.

Note that *YOU CANNOT LIE TO THIS METER!!!!!* It will NOT let you delete a
record. If you have a high reading, it is in memory for all to see. The
most you can do with that test is declare it an Invalid Test. You cannot
change all your numbers just prior to visiting your doc ;-)

My comment about the software has to do with "unlocking" the information
being stored by the monitor. If the meter is tracking carbs, boluses, basal
rates, and event markers for example, I can assume that the software will
allow me to analyze this and develop trend reports. Since I am certainly a
member of the test group "Patients who actively manage their diabetes" (in
other words, Pumpers) I don't want to be required to trek to my doc's
office to have this trend info analyzed. Trust us, please, we're
intelligent and promise not to mis use the info ;-)

I think that Boehringer Mannheim (now merged with Roche, in case you are
looking for their web site) will  have to heed the urging of the trial
group re: getting to the data. I'm hopeful, I really think they will - this
looks like a real good tool. I'm impressed so far.

Bob Burnett

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