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[IP] the pump is NOT scary

What IS scary is the hardheadedness of some people, some doctors, some medical
facilities who refuse to open their mionds!

It is NOT difficult to teach unless the teacher hasn't been properly trained,
which is unfortunately the case many times.   A doctor's JOB is to help
his/her patient feel/get/stay healthy and if he/she is too ignorant, or busy
to take the time to find out the best way to do that, then he is getting an
"F" in effort.  The trickle down effect makes this also applicable to his
staff and the clinic/facility s/he works in.

Why can't they be taught?  They have to memorize bones and muscles, and a
billion other things - why not watch a 15 minute video, get some hands on
experience - OK 30 minutes invested, and you are done.  Next time a patient
comes in with one, the doc/nurse doesn't have to be "scared" or have a
coniption fit!!  I haven't told y'all about the nurses at Northwestern during
my recent surgery - another post...

THERE ARE SOME ADULTS, non diabetic, that I know who could also handle this,
but they are far outweighed by those healthy (or so they think) weenies of the
world who think it is "too much to handle," and they say "ewwww!  I could
never do that"  These people just have a mental block and unfortunately lots
of the medical pros have that mental block...NOTHING PERSONAL, and all that
other disclaimer stuff.

To paraphrase a bit of what Mary Jean said, Me and my hackles also despise
blanket statements re: pump therapy (and - "oh you are diabetic...you can't
eat Oreos").   Each case of pump use (and Oreo consumption) should be decided
on an individual basis.  Kids (AND ADULTS) who are quite capable should NOT be
excluded just because some doctor, nurse, or dietician who SPECIALIZES in
diabetes care, is too LAZY to take the time to learn about pumping (or the
joys of carb counting).  Note, that I (Sara) am NOT referring to you (Judy,
Barbara and other nurse/med person) personally.  But these "health care
professionals" at major diabetes care centers ought to know better.  YEAH!!!!
If they are going to specialize in diabetes, they (DAMN) sure BETTER get over
any "FEAR" 

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