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Re: [IP] Sinner or Saint

Hmm..failing at it?
      Would that be at this precise moment, this morning, last week, last
       Not trying to be "cute"...but personally I don't see how anyone who's
taken the plunge & opted for pump therapy can be construed as "failing" at
it.....no matter what the MAGIC NUMBERS may be...
       Yes, it seems like Melissa has lots of HIGH bgs compared to MDI..but
then again, I'm not even sure we knew what "postprandial" meant in those
days...Now she checks much more frequently because she's curious to know what
boluses are or aren't working for which meals...so there's lots more data, &
hence lots more aberrant bgs as compared to only checking before a meal...
      And LOTS more room for improvement than in the pre-pump "mechanical" MDI
routine days!!!....No matter what her bgs, if she learns ANYTHING from the
experience (i.,e. change the site sooner/ split her bolus for a.m. meals,etc)
then it's a SUCCESSFUL day.....
      Just the "pump-coach"'s pep talk!!!

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