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Re: [IP] Basal rate check, meter s/w, etc.

At 10:15 3/13/98 -0600, Lori wrote:
>I've been having some difficulty - i.e. severe lows - with my morning basal
>rate.  I have been working with my endo, and am finally getting close.  I
>called and talked to the CDE this morning, and told her that things were
>looking better and that I had checked the basals (the 3 a.m. to 6 a.m.  and
6 >a.m. to 9 a.m. ) by fasting and doing hourly sugars.  I got read the riot
act. > She said that fasting puts me in starvation mode and won't tell me
anything.  >Granted, she has decided that since the gastro problems began I
have become >anorexic.   I love food, I just avoid fat because it makes me
feel terrible.  I >go into munch mania occasionally - anyway, I digress.
How do I respond to her >comment on starvation mode?  I already reminded her
that my endo said that I >can do this.  Her response was that we have to
know we're close first - doesn't >seem logical to me.  Thanks for the help.

Egad...starvation mode my er, eye.  Must be rough for your CDE to have to
get up every few hours at night to eat so that she doesn't starve (extreme
sarcasm intended).

Sure, if you fasted for _several days_, then your bod would decide to
decrease your metabolism substantially, but a few hours, no er, freaking
way.  These short fasts are exactly how you test your basal rate, as your
endo obviously indicated.  You did the right thing.

>ps - I did get a Complete out of the conversation though.  Now I just have
to >get the software.  Even after loading in "Safe Mode", uninstalling every
other >program on our computer, we can't get Camit to load.  The other half
of the we >is a computer engineer with a BS in software and an MS in
hardware - go figure. > Hopefully, the numerous calls we've made to B.M.
have been logged and they'll >give in easily. 

Getting an Accu-Chek Complete...hmmm, I think I'd grovel a bit at the feet
of your CDE if she was dangling one in front of me (in case you haven't
guessed, I'm salivating over one of those meters ;-).

As far as Camit goes, I had no trouble installing it on my Win95 machine
(it's version 1.1c).  Does it supposedly work with the Complete?  The person
I spoke with at Boehringer was very unsure about it.  She did say that
there's another piece of software called Accutility that you can get
(eventually) that allows you to set up the meter, but doesn't do any of the
analysis that Camit does.  She also indicated that you don't _have_ to have
Accutility to set up the meter, that you can supposedly set it up to do
whatever you want just using the meter's buttons (but much more laboriously,
obviously).  Does anyone know if this is really true?  Someone else posted a
comment that suggested that Accutility _is_ required to turn on some of the
meters bells and whistles...what's the real story?


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