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Re: [IP] Sinner or Saint

>I believe, I read something about someone who "supposedly" never took care of
>themselves until recently, but had given lectures about glucose machines at
>age 18???? I couldn't have done that, I didn't test my bg more than 5 times a
>year until about 3 years ago. (22 years diabetic) I took two shots a day, then
>ignored being diabetic. Ate like a pig and drank like a fish. Outside of guilt
>and fear, I never struggled with my diabetes until I got the pump.
>Am I the only one here that fights to keep testing, eating and exercising? Or
>have all the other sinners died off?

Okay, I am offended by the "supposedly".  My definition of supposedly is
that I tested, like you, maybe 5 times a year.  I ate what I wanted, never
went to the doctor, did nothing.  I gave lectures to hospital staff about
pumps and meters because I was so pissed off that they would not accept
that either were of any use to people with diabetes.  At that time, and for
most of my 18 years with diabetes, I pretended to be in control.  I faked
urine and blood sugar results.  That did not stop me from trying to teach
other people how to look after diabetes better.  I knew it was already
going to kill me, but I might as well help them and thumb my nose in the
face of the medical establishment, which was one heck of a big thrill.

If I had to choose a category, I would fall squarely in the sinner
category.  I have given up on the black and white categories, because then
I get depressed and do nothing.  Right now I am working my butt off to try
and get and keep things stable.  I need to lose 40 pounds.  Every day is
hard.  I have had a pump for thirteen years,  Thirteen years!  And I still
don't have perfect control, it is still not easy, and I am very afraid I
will never get to the places that people relatively new to the pump are at.
So much for being perfect, or even vaguely competent.


Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted

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