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Since I have what is supposedly called "easy diabetes", I do not seem
to have any big problems keeping in good control with fairly
reasonable A1c's over the past 28 years. I am looking for more freedom
of lifestyle and avoiding daily injections. The time constraints are
difficult to keep up with when I (and my husband) arrive home from
work at 6PM with the kids in tow and have to try to be eating by 6:30
PM (preferably 6 PM, but this is impossible) I let these deadlines
grind at me. I'm hoping to gain some relief from these deadlines. I
think I am just concerned that I am doing the right thing and am not
going to regret it after doing it. The site infections were a bit of a
concern as well, however, it seems that these are likely few and far
between. If I make up my mind to do something, I don't plan to give it
up after 3 months, so I tend to over analyze to be sure.

Anyway, I've made up my mind, and, I am going to try pump therapy. I
can't find any negative points from this group, which is very
impressive. Obviously, there only seems to be pros from what I've been


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I sure would like to hear your concerns for not going on the pump. Or
the pros and cons you've figured out about pumping. Where do you stand
and where are you coming from?

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