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Re: [IP] Bayer Glucometer Elite Accuracy

Hi John,

Did you use different fingers when you retested?  When I was having
problems with the Dex, Bayer told me to that and things have been more

BUT, I wonder too.  I would have to say that I don't really trust the high
readings, since when compared to my One Touch, it seems out of whack.  Endo
said it was all fine, within limits, but I dumped him, so do I believe
this?  I certainly want to, because the Dex is totally wonderful in all
other ways.  I don't know what I would do without it.

Trying desperately to ignore this accuracy thing (and knowing I shouldn't!)

John Neale wrote:
>I'm still suspicious of my Dex/Esprit meter. I had a high yesterday,
>282/15.5. I immediately retested - 302/16.6. I went to my old BM
>Accutrend - 242/13.3. OK, they're all 'high', but those figures all mean
>slightly different things to me. I've always associated over 15 with
>something seriously wrong eg infection, and under 15 with just
>under-bolusing. I feel uncomfortable if I can't rely on the figure I'm
>Lows are also suspect: I have a very good early-warning hypo feeling -
>slight adrenyline rush/lack of concentration - which sends me to my
>meter and it's always 70/3.9 with BM. With the Bayer it's anywhere
>between 3.2-4.2 (60-75). If my hypo signs are a-changing, I need to
>know, but if it's the meter playing tricks, I can do without the worry.
>Why do I stick with the Esprit? Apart from the inaccuracy, it's got some
>great features, you don't need to keep test strips separately, tiny
>ammounts of blood, 100 test memory (I'm terrible at recording results)
>and I spent $80 on it! I've also got 400 unused tests (we get them free
>in Britain). But if the results aren't accurate, its days are

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