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RE: [IP] Kids on pumps!

I agree Michael - and I did those things with MDI.  Now I have the added advantage of the temp basal = 0 when I take a plunge.  Even tho it doesn't solve all problems, that 's great.
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> Thank you Barbara.  This is my point exactly.  The kids can spin circles
> around most of us adults.  Kids are not intimidated by technology like
> adults.  They have no fear of breaking a very expensive computer/pump/vcr
> or whatever.  As adults we are more apt to look at what something will
> cost us to fix, if we mess it up, than we are to think that we are
> smarter than said "machine."  We just need to give the kids a chance that
> want to do all they can to control the monster that has taken over their
> lives.

I think a lot of folks miss the point on the so-called difficulty 
with pumping.  Running a pump is very simple minded. What is 
difficult is learning to carbo count, boluses for highs, compensating 
for lows, and constantly adjusting insulin doses to match food, 

The standard for diabetes care TODAY should always include these 
things. A diabetic on tight control and MDI would do all these 
things. My daughter has when she has been without her pump and it 
worked very well.  Adding a pump to this equation simply makes doing 
it easier.  Am I missing something here??  Clearly some doctors and 
medical centers are missing something.

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