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Re: [IP] Bob's follow up report on his Humalog adventure

I know i am just starting to formulate these ideas so correct me if i am
headed in the wrong direction but adrenalin is produced by the adrenal
glands so maybe this adds to the pancreas/thyroid /adrenal connection by
over stimulating and wearing out the adrenal glands like how the thyroid
overproduces and then konks out and isn't that what happens with
hypoglycemic that turn diabetic??Bob... we need to get together some
research students to test out all our theories...unfortunately i think
someone somewhere has already figured out my theories but i haven't
gotten far enough in my research to locate their findings....that's why i
throw these things out to the group in hopes that someone may already
know of study results on subjects i am just theorizing on...and are
allergies and immune responses related?michelle email @ redacted

On Thu, 12 Mar 1998 21:00:35 EST BBradRN <email @ redacted> writes:
>That adrenalin surge in response to an allergen can also feel like a
>hypoglycemia reaction.  It is the fast acting stress hormone.  It can 
>raise your BG quickly.  It is the first one to "kick" in when you go 
>There is medical research to back that up.
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