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Re: [IP] Bayer Glucometer Elite Accuracy

>I just got the Bayer Glucometer Elite and I am concerned that it is not nearly as
>accurate as my one touch... I appears the the Bayer model "adds" 20-50 points on
>the readings..  but it is so small it's great... I wanted an extra meter to keep
>at work
>with me.  Does anyone else have problems with this meter?

Is the Elite the same as the Dex/Esprit? I'm confused! Or does it use
the same 10 test cartridge in a different style meter?

I'm still suspicious of my Dex/Esprit meter. I had a high yesterday,
282/15.5. I immediately retested - 302/16.6. I went to my old BM
Accutrend - 242/13.3. OK, they're all 'high', but those figures all mean
slightly different things to me. I've always associated over 15 with
something seriously wrong eg infection, and under 15 with just
under-bolusing. I feel uncomfortable if I can't rely on the figure I'm

Lows are also suspect: I have a very good early-warning hypo feeling -
slight adrenyline rush/lack of concentration - which sends me to my
meter and it's always 70/3.9 with BM. With the Bayer it's anywhere
between 3.2-4.2 (60-75). If my hypo signs are a-changing, I need to
know, but if it's the meter playing tricks, I can do without the worry.

Why do I stick with the Esprit? Apart from the inaccuracy, it's got some
great features, you don't need to keep test strips separately, tiny
ammounts of blood, 100 test memory (I'm terrible at recording results)
and I spent $80 on it! I've also got 400 unused tests (we get them free
in Britain). But if the results aren't accurate, its days are



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