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Re: [IP] WANTED:SOF-SERTER & Glucometer Elite


Here's an idea that has worked for me before. You will have to decide if
you are comfortable with this approach though.

Call MiniMed. Tell them how helpful the SofSerter has been for you. Tell
them that it seems like a *necessary* tool to guarantee good success with
the infusion sets. Then tell them it is unfortunate that users have to pay
extra for this, especially when they require one in their backup supply
kit. In other words, "shame them" a little bit (a poor choice of word,
perhaps, but it's the best I can do early in the morning ;-)). They may be
able to provide one to you at a very reasonable cost. Depending on how
convincing you are, you may be able to get it for free. Remember, they *do*
want you to continue using the product and they will probably help you out.


mailto:email @ redacted

>I'm trying to build-up my backup kit, and I'm stuck on two items:
>Minimed's Sof-Serter
>& a Glucometer Elite (BG meter by Bayer).
>Anyone have either, or both of these they'd like to get rid of?
>I know I can buy the SOF-SERTER from Minimed for $50.00, and the Glucometer
>Elite from my pharmacy at $75.00, but I hate to pay retail for these.
>I already have one of each, but I'd like to keep a backup set at the office.
>Anyone want to sell/trade for these?
>ernie garcia
>email @ redacted
>ernie garcia email @ redacted OR email @ redacted
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/