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When things don't work, was: Re: [IP] Bob's follow up report ...


Thanks for the feedback ;-)

It is all too easy to blame ourselves when something we try does not work
out as we hoped / expected. For way too many years, diabetics were told
that difficulties they experienced were due to the patient not being
compliant. If alternate treatment modalities did not work "as predicted"
blame was frequently placed on the diabetic.

Truth is, patients considered "model diabetics" also suffer complications,
"non compliant" patients can live quite well with no complications (I
understand this is over simplifying things, but there is some truth to
this). For many years, I fit the latter category. Since I knew no other
diabetics until I was in my twenties, my perspective on "good compliance"
was quite narrow. Things may catch up with me eventually, but it does not
look that way now. As my endo said, "Sometimes luck has a whole lot to do
with where we end up and how we got there". This group continues to open my
eyes to things I never considered previously.

The important thing is that we continue to forge ahead and keep trying. If
all things were easily predicted, I would have won the Lottery many years ago.

For me, pumping beats the stuffing out of any other method I have tried
over the years. Is it perfect? Nope. Will it get better? Yep. Do I still
have high expectations? Yes, I do. Does my mileage vary? You bet it does ...

When my doc and I chat and discuss some strange problem which seems to defy
explanation, we will invariably end up looking at each other, shrugging our
shoulders and saying "That's diabetes". Sounds to me like Melissa's on a
good team with some good coaches. Hang in there ;-)


Renee wrote:

>    Thanks for sharing the details of your experience...When Melissa first
>tried Humalog & was unsuccessful, I remember thinking "we" had failed - until
>I discussed it with her original pump trainer.  She too had had a dismal
>experience & was thinking there was something wrong with her too....The
>of this wonderful website (thank you Michael) is that there is now sooooooo
>much input that it's easy to "accept" that YMMV ("your mileage may vary") &
>that's perfectly OK....
>    As someone recently said, even when the bgs are wacky (which they also
>were on MDI), the lifestyle advantages of an insulin pump still can't be
>ignored....Melissa was 360 mid-morning today (called me from school) and 49
>after school.  When my husband asked why, I just shrugged & said..who
>think there's a full moon tomorrow!!!.....Point is, resolve the problem &
>carry on!!!!!
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/