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[IP] Scary pumps

On 12 Mar 98 at 21:50, JUDY102 wrote:

> I'll probably take some heat for this, but I'll forge ahead anyway.  I'm now
> talking to all of you as a professional nurse.  THE PUMP IS SCARY!  The reason
> is, at first, it seems so difficult to teach.  If you don't need it, or do it
> everday,i.e. the docs, then it is a scary prospect.  I know all of you think
> they should know better, but the reality is,they don't.  My experience, even
> with the DCCT (who pioneered in mass use of the pumps), really didn't think
> the pump was for me.  I have too many lows, too quickly. They're the first
> ones to be happy for me that they were wrong.  Nevertheless, I didn't find the
> pump user-friendly at first.  I really didn't.  I had my days of doubts and
> frustrations, and I am trained.  Once learned, it all seems so easy, doesn't
> it?  We have to be careful on how we advise new pumpers.  If we sound like it
> is the greatest, easiest thing in the world to do, or to teach to our child,
> then they can quickly fault themselves and become discouraged on the more
> difficult days.  That's why I have all of you guys, now.  That is exactly why.
> I needed the support.
> Judy P.  RN, BSN

It's not exactly heat, but I remember when they started teaching me 
the MDI "regime" and it took me six days in the hospital to learn all 
the ins and outs, memorize the schedule, and get all the negative 
stuff like "if you sleep late your bg goes up and it's your fault, 
and if you don't eat on schedule your bg goes up or down and it's 
your fault...  and basically no matter what happens, and if you 
follow the instructions exactly and your bg isn't on target it's just 
your fault..."   I came out of that week with about 50 pages of notes 
and instructions. 

Compared to that the pump instructions from my trainer were as 
follows:  1 page from my doctor with starting basal rates, guidelines 
for bolusing with starting rates and instructions for handling high 
bg, along with notes on adjusting basal ratse and bolus ratios.  The 
pump operation itself didn't seem to be too complex and I was 
comfortable after watching the video and scanning the instruction 

My wife says that there were a couple of factors that made the pump 
easy for me: desperation and comfort with technology.  The 
frustrations of the pump have been fairly insignificant compared to 
the frustrations of the MDI protocol and constant failure - where no 
matter what I did it was always "wrong."   I think that there's a 
balance somewhere - it is a scary thing to change a routine or to 
move to something different.  I don't know about the Disetronic but 
the MiniMed seems to be fairly user friendly and simple to operate... 

Randall Winchester

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