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Re: [IP] Re: Fearful at Joslin!

    All valid provisos...BUT......IF (capital IF) the child's family is
extremely well-informed (i.e. having researched all available materials re
kids on pumps & spoken ("on-line" or otherwise) with other parents) and IF the
child & family have already been checking 5-6 times per day anyway and IF the
child & family are diligent, responsible & dedicated to keeping their child as
healthy as possible until the day a cure IS a reality......then I object to a
reknowned facility like Joslin issuing a blanket condemnation of allowing kids
to use pumps.  My 15 yr old daughter was more mature at 10 than many
adults!!!...As someone else pointed out, these kids are so techno-bright, that
after watching the video twice, Melissa could operate the pump's mechanisms
with her eyes closed.  Her trainer laughed & said "ok - that just eliminated
my next 30 minute speech!!"..Meanwhile her esteemed ped. endo. looked at the
trainer blankly when she asked for Melissa's basal & bolus rates..as if the
trainer was speaking GREEK!!! (and then hurriedly dashed outside I later
learned to ask one of the CDEs what she should tell the trainer!!!!
        Yes, I concur - the pump IS scary- and my 2 dear cyber-pump-mom
buddies and I have VEHEMENTLY objected when some parents wanted to jump on the
"Pump Bandwagon" (thinking we had discovered some magic panacea) without doing
the necessary preparatory work. We have also advised full-time working parents
to reconsider if they would not be readily available should a problem occur,
particularly if the child's school was less than 100% supportive of all
aspects of his diabetes.  Ellen (who has the KidsRPumping website with 20
stories of kids on pumps at  http://members.aol.com/camelsRFun/index.html
)uses a ped. endo in Florida who has MANY kids on pumps.  Ellen herself wore
the pump with saline for weeks prior to putting her 7 yr old son on it.  She
has also worked in her son's school so that she was available to assist him.
She has attended a support group, as have Melissa & I since she began pumping.
         You will get no argument from me that pumping takes a lot more
commitment, concentration & "trouble-shooting" than just adhering to an MDI
schedule......But when I contrast that "investment of time & effort" to the
chilling scenarios I hear of teens lying, "cheating", abusing their insulin,
not checking their bgs, etc.....I'd do it all again in a heartbeat to give
Melissa back the "normalcy" that was taken from her 5 1/2 years ago....
          No, the pump is FAR from perfect.....but this "learning curve" she's
been following for 2 years (this Sunday....Happy Birthday little Pump) has
taught her more than she realizes about acceptance, courage, perseverance,
tenacity, discouragement.......and all those other little life lessons that
even us "old-timers" are still working on!!!!
         OK - sorry to be so wordy...but what else is new!!!!

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