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[IP] Compact meter accuracy

Quite a few people have been talking about meter features and accuracy,
however no one has brought up my question.  I live a very active
lifestyle.  Now that I am on the pump, it is becoming even more hectic. 
I am looking for a very tiny meter that would be easy for me to carry
around in a pocket if I need to.  I have seen several advertised that
are about the size of a credit card or a pen.  How accurate are these in
comparison to my one touch meter??  Anyone with experience with one of
these meters good or bad?  Also, how does the price for test strips
compare to the one touch test strips??  And, while I've brought up the
issue of price, I pay for my supplies.  What is the least expensive
version of the "silhouette" type infusion set?? I understand that there
is very little difference between the brands in styling and quality.

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