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[IP] WANTED:SOF-SERTER & Glucometer Elite

I'm trying to build-up my backup kit, and I'm stuck on two items:

Minimed's Sof-Serter
& a Glucometer Elite (BG meter by Bayer).

Anyone have either, or both of these they'd like to get rid of?

I know I can buy the SOF-SERTER from Minimed for $50.00, and the Glucometer
Elite from my pharmacy at $75.00, but I hate to pay retail for these.

I already have one of each, but I'd like to keep a backup set at the office.
Anyone want to sell/trade for these?

ernie garcia
email @ redacted
ernie garcia email @ redacted OR email @ redacted
DX ~18 years  Minimed 507 pumping Humalog ~ 5 months --& It's great!
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/