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[IP] Re: Fearful at Joslin!

Very well said Mary Jean.  Thank you.

Rose(aka Ravi's mom)

>Yes, it can be a lot to learn at one time.  BUT this is no excuse for
>centers making blanket policies regarding pump use.  Especially where
kids are
>concerned.  I personally know of several kids, who, if they were
>would have NO trouble whatsoever learning to use a pump, including
>carbs, and using temporary basal rates and square waves.  I also know of
>others that wouldn't be able to handle the pump in the way that I handle
>pump.  They would need help figuring out their bolus amount and might
need a
>bit more adult direction. This doesn't mean that the pump should not be
>option for them.  If they have parents who are willing to help them
>this out, it shouldn't be a problem.

>I get my hackles up when blanket statements are made regarding pump
>Each case should be decided on an individual basis.  Kids who are quite
>capable should NOT be excluded just because some doctor, nurse, or
>who SPECIALIZES in diabetes care, is too LAZY to take the time to learn
>pumping.  Note, that I am NOT referring to you personally.  But these
>care professionals" at major diabetes care centers ought to know better.
>is, afterall, their stated business.  If they are going to specialize in
>diabetes, they sure ought to take the time to learn what they are
>about, not be put off because it is a little SCARY!

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