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[IP] I will wait (was: Thanks, Bob (Humalog)

Michael said:

>Don't be afraid to try it. There are VERY positive aspects the the
>good control it can bring.  Definite improvement in quality of life
>due to the ability to respond quickly for meals and flush out quickly
>when you happen to be low.
>Most people appear to use it successfully and while problem have been
>reported, most can be solved. This is all new stuff.... guinea pigs
>you know!!

I am not afraid to try it, just not that interested.  Nothing I have read,
here or anywhere else, makes me want to try it right now.

Considering that I am very happy waiting to eat for half an hour, haven't
been having problems with highs or getting highs down, I am not sure why I
should try Humalog.  My control is now very good, since I am back on 4
rates and adjusting with the help of the HowTo's.  My averages are 85-110
mg/dl, which I consider to be amazing, after 18 years of doing nothing.  My
quality of life is great:  I do what I want, when I want and feel
wonderful.  All I want now is to lose weight.  Humalog also costs $50 a
bottle and is not covered by insurance, at least here.

I have been a guinea pig, with blood testing meters and with the pump.  At
age 18, I was giving lectures to hospital staffs about meters and pumps.
Thirteen years ago it was even harder to get any information, support or
find anyone who didn't regard the pump as a sure sign of imminent death.
And that's not counting lay people.

Right now I will sit back, take it all in and make my decision when I feel
like Humalog will make a positive difference in my life.  That may be next
week or next year, who knows?


Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted

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