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[IP] Kids on pumps!

>Just my opinion:  I don't think the wonderful children out there are
>credit enough for being able to learn as much as they are able.  How
many of
>us older folks had today's computer technology and video games at our
>Some of us have had to learn a lot of new things to keep up with the
>In some households the parents have the child set up the VCR.

Thank you Barbara.  This is my point exactly.  The kids can spin circles
around most of us adults.  Kids are not intimidated by technology like
adults.  They have no fear of breaking a very expensive computer/pump/vcr
or whatever.  As adults we are more apt to look at what something will
cost us to fix, if we mess it up, than we are to think that we are
smarter than said "machine."  We just need to give the kids a chance that
want to do all they can to control the monster that has taken over their

Rose(aka Ravi's mom)

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