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Quality of life, was: Re: [IP] Bob's follow up report ....


The whole "quality of life" issue is probably the single biggest thing I
wrestled with during my experience with Humalog. In my case, I have never
known *not* being diabetic - I have no idea what it is like to not have to
wrestle with this disease and its various quirks, surprises and
frustrations. I simply always tell people that I have been diabetic for my
whole life (so far) ;-). It *is* pretty neat being able to decide on foods
and activities quickly with little planning in advance. Humalog gave me
that ability and I liked it. Pumping still keeps me close to this ideal,
even if I lose some of the spontaneity I enjoyed previously.

I remind myself that one of my important goals with pumping is to keep
myself free of complications long enough to enjoy the party when they find
the cure. If I have to plan a little more carefully and snack a little less
in the interim, I still think it's a good deal ;-)

I can't imagine what it is like for a person to all of a sudden have to
start dealing with this disease after living without it for some years.
It's got to be frustrating. I can see how much easier it is for a young
person to live a "near normal" life with Humalog. Pumping Humalog certainly
supports more of a "spontaneous" lifestyle for many users than other
insulins or therapies. It is easy to see why it is so enthusiastically
supported by pumpers, pump vendors and health professionals. It lets many
folks approach a "normal" lifestyle.

Glad to hear that Lily's problem was more of a bug than anything else.
She'll be back on track soon.


Bob Burnett

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