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[IP] Re: Insulin Pumpers Giving Up

I may have mis-understood my doctor. It kind of went in one ear and out the
other untill I got home and read your message, then I started thinking
"what did she say today about patients going off the pump?" Anyway, I will
double check with her at my next appointment. I hope I haven't led anyone
to think I don't like my endo. Acutually, I think of her as a second mother
(almost) and know she is one of the top in her field and I listen, trust
and think the world of her.

I've also been talking to the diabetes research studies group at Mount
Sinai Hospital in Toronto who are presently conducting a pump vs. MDI
study. This is where I would be going for my pump training. I asked them
about these figures we've mentioned and they also found it hard to believe
that, that many patients had given up on the pump. My cold feet are getting
pretty warm again and I think I will be on a pump in the near future.
(maybe 1-2 months)

Bye for now,
Joanne    (Jo)

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