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[IP] Re: Fearful at Joslin!

I'll probably take some heat for this, but I'll forge ahead anyway.  I'm now
talking to all of you as a professional nurse.  THE PUMP IS SCARY!  The reason
is, at first, it seems so difficult to teach.  If you don't need it, or do it
everday,i.e. the docs, then it is a scary prospect.  I know all of you think
they should know better, but the reality is,they don't.  My experience, even
with the DCCT (who pioneered in mass use of the pumps), really didn't think
the pump was for me.  I have too many lows, too quickly. They're the first
ones to be happy for me that they were wrong.  Nevertheless, I didn't find the
pump user-friendly at first.  I really didn't.  I had my days of doubts and
frustrations, and I am trained.  Once learned, it all seems so easy, doesn't
it?  We have to be careful on how we advise new pumpers.  If we sound like it
is the greatest, easiest thing in the world to do, or to teach to our child,
then they can quickly fault themselves and become discouraged on the more
difficult days.  That's why I have all of you guys, now.  That is exactly why.
I needed the support.
Judy P.  RN, BSN
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/