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Re: [IP] Re:) need some Names and addresses!

In a message dated 98-03-12 12:52:37 EST, you write:

<< Mary,
     If you could get me the address, preferably the addresses to these
 particular people, I would LOVE to write them a letter. I have nothing in
 the world to do but let these so-called "educated people" know how us rural
 Americans have mastered the knack of operating this so very complicated
 piece of scientific apparatus and have managed to survive "stabbing
 ourselves it the gut" every few days! I would love to let them know
 personally that my BG's have NEVER been this good! I have NEVER in my 39
 years with IDDM felt so fine! I have NEVER wanted to spread the word about
 the marvelous little pump! It is the best thing that could EVER happen to a
 "young" diabetic. Not only will it give them the freedom to live a better
 life but will make them feel WONDERFUL at the same time! Send me some names
 and addresses. Take names and remember No Survivors".

ok buddy (and anyone else who's up for this one..),

Dr. Kenneth Quickel, Jr
President, Joslin Diabetes Center

Dr. Kahn
Executive V.P. and director of joslin diabetes clinic

Dr. Richard Jackson, M.D.
Medical Director

All at the following Address,

Joslin Diabetes Center
One Joslin Place
Boston, Ma. 02136

please make it a general type of letter stating what you find so beneficial
about pumping and why you feel children should be using insulin pumps...
please don't kill anyone..prison is a horrible place, i hear :)


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