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god (or whatever you believe in) gave us oreos and he/she/it gave us bad
doctors....and fortunately he/she/it also gave me the brains and intelligence
to know how to work my way around them both.  

When I was 11 years old my doctor told me I could not eat vanilla wafers for
breakfast.  When I said why, he said it isn't healthy.  I pointed to the
exchange book where, there in black and white was 6 vanilla wafers = 1 bread
exchange.  My diet at the time allowed me 2 bread exchanges for breakfast so
if I wanted them in vanilla wafers rather than oatmealwho can argue???   This
is why I live in America!!! a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose!!!

You only gain weight if you eat more than your body needs OR (as is the case
with MANY diabetics) you take enough insulin to keep your sugar from going way
high when you eat more than you ought to - then you gain weight just like a
so-called NORAML person.  If I am scheduled to eat 50-60 grams of CHO for
lunch, I have a choice.  I can have several glasses of milk or a sandwich or a
salad or a Slimfast or however many Oreos equals out to 50-60 grams of cho.  I
take the same bolus for sandwich or the soup or slimfast whatever, so why
would it be any different for the oreos.  

Oreos and other cookies are not pure sugar and they are not going to SHOOT me
through the roof like 50-60 grams of apple juice would do.

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