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[IP] Throat infection?


At 17:02 3/12/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Bob...I appreciate your imput...I feel that together we can have open
>discussion and possibly get to the bottom of this...my tissue hardening
>seems to be under the surface not protruding out...i have been on
>antibiotics and the nodules after i remove the set are much smaller or
>non existent but they may also be deeper since i have been using comfort
>sets instead of sof sets...but i am still having a drop of blood at the
>site after removal... and tenderness and a small red circle while the
>comfort is in place...my problems are probably due to infection since i
>ALWAYS have infection in my throat and the drs won't do anything about it
>and claim it is normal to constantly have inflammation and pus in my
>tonsils ...but i also seem to be more sensitive to chemicals lately and
>have a lot of allergies so i would not be surprised if i was allergic to
>humalog...Michelle Piper at email @ redacted sara i have been
>forgetting to send my posts thru spell check lately

Your comment about a throat infection caught my eye...could it possibly be a
thrush (candida) infection?  If you haven't ruled that out, you might want
to have it checked.  Typical symptoms are sore throat and small white
patches back around the tonsil area (spreads further if untreated).

Just a shot in the dark...


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