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Re: [IP] Bob's follow up report on his Humalog adventure

    Thanks for sharing the details of your experience...When Melissa first
tried Humalog & was unsuccessful, I remember thinking "we" had failed - until
I discussed it with her original pump trainer.  She too had had a dismal
experience & was thinking there was something wrong with her too....The beauty
of this wonderful website (thank you Michael) is that there is now sooooooo
much input that it's easy to "accept" that YMMV ("your mileage may vary") &
that's perfectly OK....
    As someone recently said, even when the bgs are wacky (which they also
were on MDI), the lifestyle advantages of an insulin pump still can't be
ignored....Melissa was 360 mid-morning today (called me from school) and 49
after school.  When my husband asked why, I just shrugged & said..who knows..I
think there's a full moon tomorrow!!!.....Point is, resolve the problem &
carry on!!!!!

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