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[IP] MM vs Dise-- Sofset vs Silhouette

> > The Silhouette kind of infusion set is SO much better than the QR!
> > Having a 2" bit of hose hanging free to get caught in clothing, and
> > also being too hard to detach and attach was driving me away from the QR
> > even before I saw the Pureline Comfort (Silhouette style) sets. 

> For me the SoftSet is working fine.  I cannot imagine inserting one 
> of those angled things without using the SofSerter!  Of course I'm 
> one of those people with ample body fat to put it in...   Just goes 
> to show that the same design won't work for everyone...

Lily thinks you're all just to brand loyal, she like them both.
Wouldn't think of putting a silhouette in front or a sof-set behind!

Since she uses both insertion sites, she uses two kinds of sets.

Sounds like the argument for Disetronic vs MiniMed.

How much would you argue about switching if one or the other went out 
of business.  Would you go back to shots rather than switch!! I think 
not.  All the various kinds of pumps, sets, etc... suit different 
tastes and requirements.  One is not necessarily 'better' than the 
other, just different with certain advantages and disadvantages 
suitable for different requirements.  There is probably better than 
95% overlap in capability in all these 'argueably great' products. 
The 5% is in the NOISE.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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