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[IP] Re: To Pete, last minute advice


I have been on  a pump since Feb 1993, a 507 for about a year and diabetic for
almost 24 years, so I am by no means an expert like some of the "old-timers"
on this list...BUT

Personally, I would get the velosulin to start off on the pump.  It is more
predictable, more stable than the Humalog...at least according to everything
others have said here.  It may not be as quick, but since you are used to
regular already, why try and add another variable at this tender stage of your

I also was on Regular 3 times a day (meals) and NPH at bedtime.  It was a very
smooth transition onto velosulin for me.  I have never had a high that could
possibly attributed to bad or crystallized insulin - only site problems from
leaving it in longer than 6 days, or pulling it part of the way out and not
realizing it.

In my experience, Velosulin seems to stay pretty stable = even in extremes of
temperature.  I carried several bottles in my backpack last summer as I criss
crossed France from a freezing Paris to scorching Nice...no problems.  I also
practically lived in my car for several months last year, and went from
Colorado to Florida and all manners of temp extremes - no problems with the
velosulin - of course, I also didn't leave it in the glove compartment once I
got where I was going!!!

Of course as Bob says...YMMV - just my experience.  I

good luck up there in the great white north, eh?

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