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Re: [IP] Insulin Pumpers Giving Up

At 21:54 3/11/98 +0000, Jo wrote:
>I am very curious as to this number as well. I just had my endo.
>appointment yesterday to discuss pump therapy. She gave me her full
>support and made me very happy. All I have to do now is take the BIG
>step and get a pump. I hate to tell you, but, now I'm getting cold feet
>all of the sudden.
>My doctor happened to mention that she had 28 patients on the pump,
>however, she also had 27 patients go on the pump and then go off it
>because they weren't happy with it. This surprised me! Then when I read
>John's note with regards to this when I got home, I was even more
>surprised. 89% sounds really high as does 50% in my mind. 
>The above as well as the problem of site infections are kind of eating
>at my brain right now.
>I wonder how we can get the stats on Insulin Pumpers giving up?

These numbers sound really high to me as well, but hey, with statistics you
can make _any_ argument you like... ;-)

I'd be more interested in _why_ they gave up...even if the pump gave me _no_
better control than I had with MI therapy, I'd still keep it because of the
flexibility in lifestyle that it provides.

36.3% of all statistics are made up.

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