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[IP] Homeopathic diet:

Ted wrote:
> email @ redacted wrote:
> > I finally have a moment to post my diet. I see a homeopathic
> > nutritionist on a regular basis. When I was taking shots she helped me
> > reduce my insulin requirements by 2/3rds.
> >
> > Dr. Peter D'Adamo had continued his father's studies for many years on
> > blood types. They found that different bloodtypes produce different
> > enzymes. The idea is to digest food easily, so that nothing will linger
> > in your digestive system allowing your bg to stay elevated. Most insulin
> > dependents are type A's. I am, and therefore eat the foods they describe
> > for my bloodtype. Red meats are not suggested because type A's can't
> > digest and metabolize effeciently and ends up getting stored as fat. Soy
> > is the best protein. Some forms of fish and beans are excellent. But
> > unfotunately dairy products are not great unless low fat. My father is
> > typ O. He thrives on red meat- it speeds up his metabolism. He followed
> > this and lost 25 pds snacking on hot dogs(healthy ones-no msg etc.).
> > There is a book he wrote for more info: Eat Right for your type. But as
> > I learned through my sessions with my nutritionist diabetics must modify
> > due to how slow or fast some foods break down to glucose.
> >
> > In addition to this I do not combine foods. In general, my meals are
> > either carbs and vegetables or protein and vegetables. But I try not to
> > combine protein and carbs. There are different enzymes produced for
> > protein and carbs, when they crash it slows down the digestive process.
> > It is important to balance both kind of meals. I can have my reccomended
> > fruits one hour after a meal is best. Wheat is an excellent food to
> > avoid! As adults we cannot break down the gluten, it slowly decomposes.
> > I look for wheat free products there are plenty available. Watch out for
> > popcorn- corn will cause you bg to rise because it so easily turns into
> > sugar while being digested. A good ref book is Food Combining Made
> > Easy,it's hard to find.
> >
> > I also supplement my diet. I take Megazyme (pancreatic enzymes -to
> > strengthen pacreas, aid in digestion) and digestive enzymes, Enzymes
> > 2000. I take them before a meal. There are other vitamins like Magnesium
> > which helps me with my hypothyroidism, etc.
> >
> > Remember, This is healthy- not a diet to loose weight unless you watch
> > your carb intake and porion control. You will naturally loose some
> > excess pds.
> >
> > Rona
> > Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
>   Rona,
> Are these nutritional ideas also good for loosing weight?  Does the Mg help
> for thyroid problems.  I take synthroid, have type O blood, and am type 1
> diabetic.  I would like to try your nutritional ideas.  I know Suzanne
> Somers has a book with similiar ideas on how to combine food groups.  Tell
> me more about what type O blood type diabetics should eat and avoid eating..
> THANX for your advice.
> Marilyn
> Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/


Yes, although it's not the only goal you will deffinitely loose weight
eating foods rhat are more easily digestable. I take magnesium citrate
200mg 2xs a day and it does have some effect on my thyroid(there has
been a rise in my thyroid level since I have added mg).

Type O is th O-ldest blood type. At this time man were meat eaters.Snack
on meatand turkey. dairy is not suggested. fish,seafood,soy are neutral.
A great snack is walnuts, stay away from wheat. I suggest reading the
book. I have lent my book to a friend, I'm sorry I can't be more

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/