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Re: [IP] Disetronic vs. minimed

<It is very tricky to discuss pump features / shortcomings / problems /
successes without bending somebody the wrong way. These discussions
typically generate some flames, which is certainly not my intent.

also, not my intent but feel i must comment.

i'm sorry you had such problems.  in the 8, almost 9, years i've been on a
pump i have never experienced the problems you describe.  i have worn the
504-s, 506 and currently the 507 and the disetronic.  also, i have put more
than 100 persons on the pump and have not heard of so many problems from just
one pump and supplies.  it seems that all machines/companies can have lemons.

to clarify things some.  the temporary basal rate in the 507 when set
continues until it is finished (the duration you set) or when you cancell it.
not when the hour changes (like in the 504 pump from years ago).  also, you
can use all the different types of infusion sets on the market with the
MiniMed.  when Humalog came on board both pump companies were told not to
promote it for use in pumps even though we were all using it.  the clicks you
hear with the MiniMed is its unique solenoid motor, which goes through a
series of steps to deliver.  it's kinda like its heart beat and typically is
not heard under normal circumstances.  i use all the features availabe with
the 507.  i have worn both pumps and find i, personally, am much happier with
the MiniMed service and product.  so, as you can see from Bob and myself two
very different experiences.  you must make a choice on your individual needs.
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