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Re: [IP] Any last minute advice before I get my pump?

On Wed, 11 Mar 1998, Buddy Barber wrote:

>   What about infusion sets?
> >Originally I planned on using the Sof-set QR but then I heard about the
> >Silhouette sets?  Which have you found to be better?  I need to get
> >feedback on infusion sets especially since I live in the boonies (over
> >2000 miles from my endo and my Minimed supplier).  Also as far as I know
> >I will be one of 2 people in the entire Yukon using a pump.  Would you
> >please let me know as I hit the road in 60 hours or so.  Thanks.
MiniMed will send you a sample. Try them both and see which you like the 
best.  My daughter uses both. Silhouette (actually the chronimed 
ComfortSet) for her butt and the softset for her tummy depending on where 
she does the insertion.

Silhouette is actually purchased from chronimed and put into a new box by 
Minmed (according to them).

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