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Re: [IP] Any last minute advice before I get my pump?

Pete d'Artois wrote:
  Now, does anyone have any advice about insulin?  I am
> currently take R on a sliding scale at meal times (about 20 units a day)
> and 17 N at bedtime.  I have asked my endo about switching to Humalog
> but after reading everything you have said, I am having serious second
> thoughts about switching; any advice?  

It depends on several factors. First and formost is if you happen to be 
allergic to it, you don't want it. Unfortunately the only way to find
out is by trying it.

Secondly does it need to be counterbalanced by mixing with R? Juries
still out on that 1, likeley worth trying at a 5 H to 1 R  ratio.

Third, is it what you want for shots before starting pumping, maybe not.
It DOES run out after 2 hours or so, so stretching till the next shot or
having to take another before each meal is a decision you need to make.

What about infusion sets?
> Originally I planned on using the Sof-set QR but then I heard about the
> Silhouette sets?  Which have you found to be better?  

The Silhouette kind of infusion set is SO much better than the QR!
Having a 2" bit of hose hanging free to get caught in clothing, and
also being too hard to detach and attach was driving me away from the QR
even before I saw the Pureline Comfort (Silhouette style) sets. 

Having the disconnect built right into a secure tape based disc that's
simple to remove and re-attach right on the skin is SO much better! I
can't rip them off without applying major directed force (fingernail under
edge peal back over it, unlike the QR baseless system that takes 3 layers 
of tape to "hold" it on,then falls off with little provocation.

The canula is another major difference. Teflon going STRAIGHT in is
always bothersome, since anything that pushes the base in or to the
side tends to either crumple the teflon end to end, crimp it by twisting it,
or dislodge the tape. A canula off the side, where it will only flex 
slightly when pushed in, with the strong tape base, makes it unlikely 
that they will be crimped. The variable angle also lets me adjust the depth
of penetration, important since I am thin and my fat layer isn't necessarily
just the right thickness. The Silhoutte/Tender/Comfort design is so MUCH 
better than the QR!

Ted QUick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/