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Re: [IP] Insulin Pumpers Giving Up

You might also want to look at a variable called adequate follow-up support.
Also people who go on the pump need to go into it with the right attitude and
well- informed mind.  There are some who go into pump management thinking it
is the end-all to their diabetes problems and they can forget about it.
There is a gentleman who has been on pump for at least 7 years, who rarely
checks his BG's, doesn't take care of himself or live as healthy as he can.
He told me that he went on the pump so he wouldn't have to take injections, so
he never takes any, even if he needs one.??????Find out as much as you can,
make an informed decision. If it meets your needs, helps you feel better,
enjoy life more, and extend your life and prevent or minimize
complications....go for it.  ( I did not start that man's pump.!)  I did start
a 75 year old on a pump last year because no matter what she did, with her
gastroparesis problem, she couldn't get any control.  She now feels better,
and would not give up her pump. Control for her will never be "perfect", but
that is relative anyway , in her case.  Don't be scared off.
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