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Re: [IP] Any last minute advice before I get my pump?

  What about infusion sets?
>Originally I planned on using the Sof-set QR but then I heard about the
>Silhouette sets?  Which have you found to be better?  I need to get
>feedback on infusion sets especially since I live in the boonies (over
>2000 miles from my endo and my Minimed supplier).  Also as far as I know
>I will be one of 2 people in the entire Yukon using a pump.  Would you
>please let me know as I hit the road in 60 hours or so.  Thanks.

    I have been using the SoftSets QR for the past 14 months I have been on
the pump. I have plenty of fat so I have no problems with the cath rubbing
on the muscle. I have NEVER crimped the catheter or lost a set because of
these problems. The SoftSet are vitally painless especially with the aid of
the SoftSerter.
    I live in the boonies as you describe although in eastern Texas and not
near the long distance you are from help. I would have no problem with your
situation though. I love my 507 and feel better now than I have in the past
39 years of diabetes.

Good luck,

Buddy '-) email @ redacted
50 years old
dx'ed 1959
pump 1/6/97

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