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[IP] Insulin Pumpers Giving Up

I am very curious as to this number as well. I just had my endo.
appointment yesterday to discuss pump therapy. She gave me her full
support and made me very happy. All I have to do now is take the BIG
step and get a pump. I hate to tell you, but, now I'm getting cold feet
all of the sudden.
My doctor happened to mention that she had 28 patients on the pump,
however, she also had 27 patients go on the pump and then go off it
because they weren't happy with it. This surprised me! Then when I read
John's note with regards to this when I got home, I was even more
surprised. 89% sounds really high as does 50% in my mind. 
The above as well as the problem of site infections are kind of eating
at my brain right now.
I wonder how we can get the stats on Insulin Pumpers giving up?

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