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Re: [IP] pump lump

Michelle Rands wrote:

> John Walsh calls it a pump lump when a member who has just been on the
> pump a year commented on the new fat deposit at the infusion sites...so i
> guess it is common...I am forming a nice specimen myself...Michelle Piper
> at email @ redacted
> >> Rosalind Mincher wrote:
> >within
> >> 24-48 hours.  The problem with my abdomen is that it is one huge
> >> cellulite depository.  I am not chubby, but since I have been
> >diabetic
> >> for 17 years now that site has been abused and although I have solid
> >> abdominals, I have a slight "gut" that is of that hard, scar tissue
> >> texture.  Not overly appealing.  I'm trying to avoid my abdomen and
> >let
> >> it heal.  How long should this take, or will it ever be normal?
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  Dear Rosalind,
   How do you know that your lump is from diabetes?  My stomach doesn't have
any hard lumps from needles but it's hard for it to get firm again.  I became
diabetic right when I became pregnant 10 yrs ago.  So I don't know if my
access stomach is from my two pregnancies or diabetes.  What do you think?
Are you now on the pump?  For how long have you been on it?  Are you only on
Humalog?  If you are, are you having any problems with the Humalog?????
Thanx for writing back!

Marilyn from Maryland

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