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Re: [IP] # of carbs required


The 150 number comes from my doctor and of course it probably varies for
everyone, but that is like the "average" number, kinda like "50" is the
average number for 1unit of insulin=how many bs points.  

150 g of CHO is only 600 calories (150 x 4).  Most people are not on 600
calorie diets.  Your 120 grams of CHO is only 480 calories!!!  Most dieticians
will tell you your body needs at least maybe 900-1200 calories (YMMV) just to
live or your metabolism will slow WAY down and you will NOT lose weight.  You
also HAVE to have some protein and fat for the variety of things these foods
provide.  If you are like me, you have to watch your protein (also 4 calories
per gram).  

If you are eating say, a 1000 calorie diet, good ratios would be like 500-650
calories from Carb, 250-350 from protein, and just a dab of fat - remember 1
gram of fat has NINE CALORIES!  You may not have to take insulin for butter or
margarine on your toast, but you dont get as many calories if you use jelly!!!

Everyone is different, yada yada yada...email me and we'll tawlk dahling!

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