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Re: [IP] tubing


I have always noticed these spots with the Comforts / Tenders /
Silhouettes. They don't seem to cause any problems for me - I don't think
they are a defect at all. It seems they are more of a "blemish" in the
tubing, perhaps an area where the inner layer and outer layer have a slight
separation. Since these spots are sometimes evident immediately upon
opening the new package, I don't think they are crimps in the tubing.

I think someone relayed a comment several days ago from MiniMed that these
spots are areas that got "heated" during manufacturing of the tubing? At
any rate, I don't lose any sleep over them ;-)


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>I just switched over to the silhoette and i have noticed little lines in
>the tubing running the length of the tubing about an eighth of an inch
>long all the way around the tube in several spots on the tubing...not
>being able to inspect it close up i assumed it was residue from the
>adhesive they use to wrap around the tubing in the packaging...then i
>thought it was an eighth of an inch bubble bubble but it didn't move
>during a bolus...come to find out it these little lines...I am wondering
>if this was a manufacturing error or if this was due to several
>crimpings?...it does not seem to be leaking... always the
>detective...Michelle Piper at email @ redacted
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