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Re: [IP] pump lump

What did I write and to whom? I don't believe I wrote this as I have been
diabetic for 34 or about years. I have been on a pump for 2 1/2 years and
I sometimes get pump bumps. I din't realize they were fat deposits. I
thought they were irritations of the site with various types of reactions.
Anyrate describe the fat deposits, I am curious what John Walsh meant by
that. Thanks, Roz

On Tue, 10 Mar 1998, Michelle Rands wrote:

> John Walsh calls it a pump lump when a member who has just been on the
> pump a year commented on the new fat deposit at the infusion sites...so i
> guess it is common...I am forming a nice specimen myself...Michelle Piper
> at email @ redacted
> >> Rosalind Mincher wrote:
> >within
> >> 24-48 hours.  The problem with my abdomen is that it is one huge
> >> cellulite depository.  I am not chubby, but since I have been 
> >diabetic
> >> for 17 years now that site has been abused and although I have solid
> >> abdominals, I have a slight "gut" that is of that hard, scar tissue
> >> texture.  Not overly appealing.  I'm trying to avoid my abdomen and 
> >let
> >> it heal.  How long should this take, or will it ever be normal?  
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