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Re: [IP] tubing

I have noticed the same whiteness on the tubing of the silhoette. When I 
called minimed they said something had happened in the heating process.
Don't worry, it won't leak. I have been using them for a month, even
from different lots and the same thing happens but they are completely


MMichelle Rands wrote:
> I just switched over to the silhoette and i have noticed little lines in
> the tubing running the length of the tubing about an eighth of an inch
> long all the way around the tube in several spots on the tubing...not
> being able to inspect it close up i assumed it was residue from the
> adhesive they use to wrap around the tubing in the packaging...then i
> thought it was an eighth of an inch bubble bubble but it didn't move
> during a bolus...come to find out it these little lines...I am wondering
> if this was a manufacturing error or if this was due to several
> crimpings?...it does not seem to be leaking... always the
> detective...Michelle Piper at email @ redacted
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