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[IP] # of carbs required (was:New Diet)

Sara said:

>This will put you and other diabetics in what is known as starvation ketosis.
>Your blood sugars may be great, but the body MUST have about 150 grams of REAL
>Carb JUST to run the engine.  If the brain/heart/liver/etc dont't get it in
>the easy to use form of CHO, it starts to break down muscle and organ and
>other proteins - similar to going into DKA, but there is no glucose floating
>around making your sugars high.

I keep hearing this 150 gram number.  I just recently started carb
counting, and the exchange diet I was given in February allows me 120 grams
of carb a day.  I stick to my plan (weigh, measure, the whole thing), but
have never been able to lose weight, even with 3+ hours of cardio/weights a

So if I eat 120g and need at least 150g, what does it mean?  Where does the
150g number come from?

Any thoughts?


Vancouver, BC, Canada
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