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[IP] No subject given

     I'z got a box of goodies (found in my previous previous office during 
     the office move we are in middle of).
     Let me know within today or tmw if you want a box and a few more 
     Sof-Set MM-111 teflons, a box of 100 Smith+Nephew 6*7cm tapes (#4007)
     and a collection of other things which I ain't using no more but are 
     still well within useability dates.
     I apparently had meant to send it back to company I bought from but 
     you know how it is (I think I slept through the exercise)...
     Are you currently insured?  Do you know anyone on list NOT insured who 
     REALLY could use these?  That's who should most probably get them.
     Thanx for continued ~help.
     Yerachmiel Bruchya haLevi Altman

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