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Re: [IP] Pump Not Delivering Through The Night

>My readings at 3:00 may help in this.  (However, when I tested them 
>they were always like 120, 124, so that is why I did not think my 
>were dropping.)  I have changed to the shorter tubing and also wear 
>the pump
>at night in the belter, so that it is in a pack velcrowed on my waist. 
> I've
>only used one short set, but the last couple of nights everything 
>worked okay.
>I am going to test at 3 for several weeks and see how everything goes 
>with the
I checked my blood sugar every 2 hours one nite...it stayed within 5
points of 150 all night long until 4 am when it dropped like a rock...i
suspected i was going low but just testing at 2 every nite did not reveal
the complete story...michelle piper at email @ redacted

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