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[IP] Homeopathic Nutrition

I finally have a moment to post my diet. I see a homeopathic
nutritionist on a regular basis. When I was taking shots she helped me
reduce my insulin requirements by 2/3rds.

Dr. Peter D'Adamo had continued his father's studies for many years on
blood types. They found that different bloodtypes produce different
enzymes. The idea is to digest food easily, so that nothing will linger
in your digestive system allowing your bg to stay elevated. Most insulin
dependents are type A's. I am, and therefore eat the foods they describe 
for my bloodtype. Red meats are not suggested because type A's can't
digest and metabolize effeciently and ends up getting stored as fat. Soy
is the best protein. Some forms of fish and beans are excellent. But
unfotunately dairy products are not great unless low fat. My father is
typ O. He thrives on red meat- it speeds up his metabolism. He followed
this and lost 25 pds snacking on hot dogs(healthy ones-no msg etc.).
There is a book he wrote for more info: Eat Right for your type. But as
I learned through my sessions with my nutritionist diabetics must modify
due to how slow or fast some foods break down to glucose.

In addition to this I do not combine foods. In general, my meals are
either carbs and vegetables or protein and vegetables. But I try not to
combine protein and carbs. There are different enzymes produced for
protein and carbs, when they crash it slows down the digestive process.
It is important to balance both kind of meals. I can have my reccomended
fruits one hour after a meal is best. Wheat is an excellent food to
avoid! As adults we cannot break down the gluten, it slowly decomposes.
I look for wheat free products there are plenty available. Watch out for
popcorn- corn will cause you bg to rise because it so easily turns into
sugar while being digested. A good ref book is Food Combining Made
Easy,it's hard to find.

I also supplement my diet. I take Megazyme (pancreatic enzymes -to
strengthen pacreas, aid in digestion) and digestive enzymes, Enzymes
2000. I take them before a meal. There are other vitamins like Magnesium
which helps me with my hypothyroidism, etc.  

Remember, This is healthy- not a diet to loose weight unless you watch
your carb intake and porion control. You will naturally loose some
excess pds. 
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