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Re: [IP] PARCA bill

I think you should be able to pull up PARCA on the web.  Use the keyword
government.  It is a pt safety act.  It sounds great, but adds 1,043 new
legislative bills to an already cumbersome budget.  I can't find the Stark II
bill on the net, but it is also a bad idea.  Most of the plans sound good
until you real all the fine print.  These bills are trying to interfere with
our right to choose our own dr.s.  
The Kyl-Archer Bill is in support of medicare/medicaid pts being able to seek
a doctor of their own choosing.  As of Jan. 1, a medicare pt is no longer
allowed to go to a doctor that refuses to see medicare/medicaid pts.  Even if
they choose to privately pay.  It is now against the law, subject to $10,000
fine and arrest of patient and doctor. There's a lot of stuff going on.  I
just went to D.C. last week to lobby 5 different congressman and two senators.
They were not well informed, but hopefully they are now.  I am also on the
medicaid/medicare committee in the state of Indiana. Rep. David McIntosh
thought I would be a good representative because of my medical history and I
am a nurse.  I'll try to keep those of you who are interested posted on what
is going on in the beltway.
Judy P.
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