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Re: [IP] Re: drawbacks

Sometimes at night I use the #52 instead of 42.  While in DCCT, they indicated
that I wouldn't be a good candidate for the pump because of my sensitivity to
R.  They are pleasantly surprised with the success of the pump, as I am.  Now,
when I've become discouraged, they really encourage me to remain on the pump.
My endo said he couldn't take care of me if I got off of it!  What a switch.
If my problem with these extreme lows continue, I will reevaluate my basal
rates for sure.  Also, I've pretty much lost the ability to recognize lows.  I
must be in the low 50's, or 40s to notice.  Last night, not only did I awaken
with a nightmare (very common), but I was totally diaphoretic.  It still
scares me after all these years.  Thanks for the advice.
Judy P.
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