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[IP] the magic number

I don't have it handy or I'd look it up, but doesn't the magic number in the
Pumping Insulin manual come from your weight?  I believe ithis magic number is
used as a STARTING place to figure out how your body reacts to a certain
amount of insulin. I don't think there is anything really scientific about it
since it can vary so much from person to person.

For me, when in doubt or in a hurry, I will use 50 as the number since it is
easy to divide and figure out - 1 unit of insulin lowers me 50 points.  But
normally, it takes more in the morning to lower me than it does later in the
day or evening.  Sometimes 1 unit of insulin will lower me as much as 70-75
points...and on other days, 1 unit won't even lower me 40 points - it all has
to do with what other factors are going on in the body - any infection, any
hormone changes, any stress, any hidden arrowroot, any extra butter on them

When I am really high, the same numbers usually work - it just takes them
LONGER - and I have to fight the urge to bolus more just ccuz the numbers
aren't dropping fast enough for me.


*-)=8 xoxx

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