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[IP] Sleep Glorious Sleep

In a message dated 98-03-10 17:57:30 EST, Buddy write:s

>      Me, personally, I never minded the tight schedule. I think it instilled
>  something good in me preparing for the life of work I had ahead of me.
>  to bed early to rise. . .  I think that is a good thing unless you have a
>  child that has no responsibilities. All kids need some. 

I had plenty of responsibilities - mostly I was supposed to be very good at
being a kid.  As long as I had my homework done and my household chores
(laundry, emptying dishwasher, helping with the cleaning) completed, and as
long as I didn't beat up my siblings or wreck the car, I was allowed the
freedom to do as I pleased.  I figured out early on that if you finish your
homework and do your chores during the week, you have glorious FREEDOM on the
weekend to sleep or get up at 6am to watch cartoons, or do extra chores for
some spending cash!

Mom, of course, still got up at her regular time (she is a school teacher) and
would come to my room with my shot and a glass of OJ if I was gonna sleep in -
no testing involved of course - I could've been 450, but I got that shot and
that glass of OJ...cuz that's what the doctor told her to do.

Buddy I disagree - You DO have responsibilities - I've seen your grand babies
- that is a BIG responsibility and I am sure it takes up a lot of time...plus
you have to think of ways to aggravate me - I suggest you start getting up at
4:30 instead.

For me, sleep is one of the FEW luxuries I CAN afford, and I will sleeep in at
every opportunity...of course, now the meter and dex tabs are right there in
the bed with me (since nothing is 8-(  ), and I will crack my eyes open to do
a check...then adjust insulin or injest glucose and roll back over for another
couple of hours.

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