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[IP] Randalls reply (was A1C & efficacy)

Randall said:

>Many of us are often hostile towards the healthcare workers because 
>of our experiences with individuals in that industry who have hurt us 
>or been a negative influence on us.  

Absolutely perfectly said  I lost a job one time because my boss didn't think
I was taking care of my diabetes properly - She was a nurse and her diabetic
daughter only took one shot a day and was "fine."  Since I took 4 a day, I
must be wildly out of control!!! I was even testing 3 times a day at this
point, but she still thought what I was doing was wrong!

>The same book advised a "tough" stance with diabetics who will 
>"invariably rebel against the treatment plan and will not cooperate 
>with such important items as urine testing.."

YEAH LET'S HEAR IT FOR BEING "NON-COMPLIANT" - god the above and the things
about the Downs Syndrome kids make me SICK!!! 

As Randall says, "It's not the entire medical profession - just the select few
and the way that they make life tough for us.  

Like they say - it only takes one rotten apple...

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